Why we do it.

As a Christian values based business focused on creating thriving communities, we are committed to improving the lives of people living in poverty, as well as the aged, sick and the most vulnerable via a number of partnerships and charitable initiatives.

Cornerstone Group established a foundation that partners with other non for-profits and helps fund many community initiatives.

Our key partners are:

Established in 2011, the Interseed Foundation is a tangible way to express our faith and sees us donate a minimum of 10 percent of Cornerstone’s gross profits each year to altruistic initiatives both in Australia and overseas.

To date, Interseed has constructed various medical centres, schools, orphanages, community halls and residential houses in locations such as India, Philippines, Nepal, Mongolia, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

At a local level, we have gifted backyard makeovers for families with sick children, and sponsored school fetes, chaplaincy programs and youth support initiatives. Our team has also offered a helping hand to flood victims and families experiencing hardship.

We consider this sense of social responsibility to be paramount to the success of our business, ensuring communities ultimately benefit from our actions.


Empart equips people to help transform communities through hope, grace and action. Their desire is to to see lives improved and people valued.

Cornerstone has partnered with them to assist in the construction and development of their Transformation centres. In 2019 a team of project managers, contract administrators travelled to South Asia with Empart to assist in the developing construction systems and processes.


Our 2020 Initiatives