Recently you may have seen us share segments of what has been coming next here at Cornerstone. Now, we want to show you what has been happening behind the scenes.

Welcome to the Cornerstone Group.

Yes, this is a rebrand from what you may have been used to seeing from us, but this is not a rebrand in the traditional sense. We are not deviating from the core values that held true before of our group mentality, it is more an extension of the journey we were already on with our community. Our values and heart have remained the same but we have added fresh, exciting ways for us to be able to engage with our partners.

So why change things? Our vision over the last fifteen years has grown, but our brand didn’t holistically represent what our future looked like. We were in need of a strong identity that better represented where we’re at now, and where our vision is leading us.

The Cornerstone Group mission is to:

“Create Thriving Communities, motivated by our Christian worldview business and social responsibility go hand in hand”.

This holds true now, more than ever, with the introductions of Cornerstone Healthcare Properties, Cornerstone Construction and Integrated Health Centres as three aspects of a fully integrated community solution.

Cornerstone Group Director Simon Heazlewood shares his thoughts on the rebrand:

I am really excited to be sharing with you about a significant leap forward for us as a company, the establishment of the Cornerstone group.

As an integrated Development, Construction and Medical services Group our heart and mission is to: “Create Thriving Communities, motivated by our Christian worldview business and social responsibility go hand in hand”.

So for our amazing people to be empowered to deliver on this mission we have been undergoing a total rebranding process of identity, logos, colours and terms that will allow us to better focus, define and consolidate our core divisions more specifically. These being Funds Management and Property Development, Construction and Medical services.

This rebrand which encompasses the long standing family core values of the Cornerstone Brand will also provide a firmer foundation to better support, engage, and serve you our valued clients, partners and stakeholders, ultimately allowing us to provide the best possible service and solutions in each of our core target markets.

For me personally, this brings together a long held passion to see true integration, particularly in the delivery of healthcare facilities, to effectively steward resources into our larger philanthropic vision. This story of ours is still in motion and will continue to expand and evolve as we partner with ones like yourselves into the future. I want to take this opportunity to Thank you for being a part of our ever-growing story. Thank you.

Moving forward, the Cornerstone Group will consist of three brands:

Cornerstone Healthcare Properties funds and develops high-quality healthcare related properties in Australia.

Cornerstone Construction
Cornerstone Construction is a construction company with a strong history of quality, ‘end-to-end’ project delivery.

Integrated Health Centres
Creating end to end integrated health centres. Our facilities offer a diverse range of health and medical services for the broader community.

So, yes, the Cornerstone Group looks a liIle different from the Cornerstone you knew before but we are still the same trusted partners we were before. Now just with our eyes set on the future and with a more integrated way for you to engage with your community.

You can find out more about each of the brands by clicking their names above.

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